Amara at this end.

The Human behind the home.

I am your interior loving nocturnal DIYer, mama bear by heart and gold medalist in delaying laundry. I live with my husband & three offspring in a rental house and we are very thankful for our space. Mr H is a pilot by profession but is taking a break from flying currently and the offspring are all in secondary school. I have lived in Qatar for 7 years when Mr was flying for Qatar Airways so you might come across some Urdu/Arabic words in my writing, Instagram and decor. Although I always add translation where needed, don’t feel shy to drop me a line if you don’t understand anything. Head full of fluff, philosophy and wanderlust. Feet full of moonwalk.

A borderline maximalist, a lover of statement pieces and an admirer of sleek style, I am forever trying to weave a tapestry in my home of colour and pattern. However, when MEGA colour lovers are told to live with magnolia walls, chances are, they stay up all night planning how to add vibrancy around them and that is exactly what I love to do. Utilising the midnight creative juices, I enjoy putting my stamp on this property hacking one magnolia wall at a time. .

Being a wife of an ex- Airforce pilot, I know the feeling of living like a nomad, moving houses, even before settling down. I know that feeling of ‘meh’ in a temporary accommodation. I am well aware of the boredom of limitations & contract restrictions. Honestly, I am sharing the same boat with you.

Here’s my goal; To morph that hollow feeling of a ‘borrowed house’ into ‘a narration of your dream home’.


Fuelled by tea, I tinker with ideas which might seem un-usual but the aim is to keep that deposit very much in my pocket.
As you know every rental property has its governing guidelines, mine has a little bit more of those. I can not paint the walls yet! My aim through The Pajama Hub, is to share some bonkers ideas and budget friendly DIYs.  
I know very well that many of us have that ‘temporary’ phase in our lives when we have to hunker down in rentals whilst establishing ourselves in life. Newly marrieds, young parents, students living in dorms, renters or those who are on a journey to discover their interior style, I want to share the possibilities of how we want our space to be irrespective of the absence of a permanent home - without damaging those rental magnolia walls.

If you don’t mind the surprise design hacks, the crazy tester pot journeys, hints of gold, the unexpected aspects of décor and most of all a chance to surround yourself with colour, I really think we will find much to talk about!

I am best known for creating comfort with a colourful brush for my growing family ;) - not in size but in height and permitted social media accounts. Let’s get to know each other. You can find me over at @thepajaamahub on Instagram

Please remember

My DIY projects do not contain any expert advice. They are meant for sharing the process that I followed while doing a certain project. Therefore, I do not take responsibility for any damage or injury caused while following a tutorial. Please be aware of the rules and terms governing your property before you take on any project.

Please know that I am sharing hacks not perfection .

For wall transformations, it would be helpful to know that every wall responds differently to a hack even in my own home because of its texture, position and temperature. I highly recommend a patch test.

Let’s get creative!